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Atlanta Esthetician Asheigh Demi


- Ashleigh Demi 

About  Ashleigh

When it comes to skincare, Ashleigh’s passion for transformative techniques is matched only by her integrity and desire to see her each of her clients radiating confidence from the inside out.


Founder of Demi Muse Artistry, Ashleigh Demi is a results-oriented, client-focused, expert esthetician and makeup artist based in Atlanta, GA. Over the last 10 years she’s made it her mission to help her clients achieve their best skin and makeup looks through her proven, transparent approach to skincare. 


Ashleigh knows first-hand the experience of feeling deeply uncomfortable in your skin. Her passion for makeup and skincare blossomed from years of struggles with adult acne and hyperpigmentation. What began with wearing tons of makeup to cover the imperfections, morphed into the realization that healthy skin is the foundation of beautiful makeup that enhances your natural features. That realization laid the foundation for the way she now serves each and every one of her clients.


Over time & through extensive education, Ashleigh solidified her reputation as a skincare expert, utilizing her extensive knowledge not only to enhance her esthetic services but also to craft personalized makeup experiences that instill confidence from within. She’s traveled the country training with celebrity makeup artists like Sam Fine, Gregory Arlt, Julian Keye, Beau Nelson, and Reggie Wells, and has worked with hundreds of clients to bring their dream looks to life.


With her expertise, she has empowered countless clients to achieve their desired looks and reclaim their confidence, whether they seek to address skincare concerns or unveil their inner radiance through makeup.

Atlanta Esthetician Asheigh Demi

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Work with Ashleigh

Whether you're looking for a customized skincare service, or makeup artist for your next event, we've got you covered.

Atlanta Esthetician Asheigh Demi doing brows

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