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Ditch Your Face Oil for One of These

Face oils have been all the rage for quite some time now.  Some use it for facial massage, treatment, as a moisturizer and or mixed with makeup.  Yes makeup! That was almost unheard of during the reign of the matte makeup look.  With a focus on glowy skin, face oils can be very beneficial for that effect as well as helping your skin out in the process. But how? And which ones to choose?  For me, it’s all about the ingredients and purpose.

Face oil can be a game changer in your skin care regimen.  It can treat oily, dry, acne prone, and aging skin and even treat dark spots (hyperpigmentation). I love to use it for moisture and treating my hyperpigmentation and combatting this thing called AGING! After my serums, I apply my oil and finish it off with a great facial massage with my jade roller or gua she tool should time permit. But all oils are not created equal. You will see various carriers oils derived from vegetables or herbs due to its compatibility with the skin and the high doses of vitamins A, C, D, E & K and fatty acids.  Here are a few oils you may see: apricot kernel, argan, rosehip seed, and prickly pear.  Just make sure they are cold-pressed, sustainably sourced, and not so refined that the benefits have been lost.  Note: If it smells like fruits and berries the pure benefits have likely been diluted. 


  1. APRICOT KERNEL- Awesome for dry skin.  It has anti-inflammatory benefits and has Vitamin K which is key for circulation. Circulation can help minimize wrinkles, help with acne, promote even skin tone, and even reduce under circles not caused by genetics.  It is great when combined with another oil the has even more benefits. Click here for some apricot kernel options

  2. ARGAN - This oil from Morocco became super popular about 15 years ago.  Heck, I even think it put Morocco on the map for the majority of Americans and a few companies created a whole beauty business off of it.  It’s great for aging and dry skin. It is packed with fatty acids and vitamin E which is a powerful antioxidant that reduces the damaging effects of free radicals (sun, flourescent lights, smog, etc.) which is a main culprit of aging.  It helps with cellular turnover and is an anti-inflammatory.  Let’s not forget about the hydration.  Check out some argan options here

  3. ROSEHIP SEED - is one of the most popular ingredients in anti-aging oils.  Why? Because it is high in vitamin A (natural retinoid acid) which helps with cellular turnover which treats wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, textured skin, and scars.  It’s also high in linoleic acid which makes it great for the treatment of acne and it has high levels of vitamin C which can be great for brightening. Click here for some options that contain rosehip seed oil.

  4. PRICKLY PEAR - This Moroccan oil is making its way on the scene big time and it is a powerhouse!!!  It’s an all-in one. It has 150% more vitamin E than argan oil, vitamin K ( which helps boost circulation promoting even skin tone and reduces under eye circles), amino acids which stimulate collagen production and promotes rapid cell turnover, unsaturated fatty acids which provide the ultimate in moisture, and antioxidants that reduce aging.  This oil improves elasticity, brightens complexion, and reduce redness and dryness.  To top it off it has antiviral and anti-inflammatory which is great for burns, eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, burns, wounds, and acne. After all of that I swear I’m out of breath speaking of those benefits. Click here to see my favorite oil made with prickly pear oil

I’m a girl that is all about less is more in my routine and that includes skin care and makeup.  Now let’s not get confused, I use a number of products in my routine and but it needs to be multi-faceted.  After trying various oils, prickly pear has been my go-to addition because I’ve seen the best results compared to others I tried.  One of my favorite brands is Carter & Jane’s Everything Oil. Susan Kier, Cofounder of the Everything Oil by Carter & Jane, says “The Everything Oil is a revolutionary skin care product that replaced or enhances all other products in your skin care routine”.  Now that is a fact.  In just 3 days, using it night and day I saw a dramatic difference in my undereye circles.


Now that you know the advantages of the oils above and have picked the best one for you its time to apply.  

1.    Apply it under makeup-Use it as your regular skincare program before your moisturizer or as your moisturizer.  Hydrated skin is always the best canvas for makeup application. My recommendation is to let it sit for a couple of minutes so that your skin can properly absorb the oil.

2.    Add a few drops to your makeup – Adding a few drops  to your foundation can be used for an added dose of hydration or for a natural finish.  It will create a tinted moisturizer.  Until you have determined the proper amounts add one drop and increase as needed.



Because I love you so. If you are interested in the Everything Oil click the link or photo and put demimuse in as the promo code.  You will get FREE Pickfix (a blemish corrector that will keep you from picking) with your Full size bottle of The Everything Oil

*Some product links used are affiliated and I receive a commission should you choose to purchase through them.

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