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Getting Married? My 5 Tips to Book Your Makeup Artist

Congratulations on your engagement! This is one of the most exciting times of your life and my gift to you is that you may be able to use the below information to start your journey in choosing your artist.

Between Instagram artists with filters galore and YouTube personalities focused on recreating looks on themselves, how are you supposed to choose an artist? I have some easy ways to help facilitate the process and it goes a little beyond the application.

Vision-Does this person understand your vision? Did they take the time to have a real consultation prior to your putting a brush to your face? Nobody wants a hasty artist and one that thinks they know what you like before understanding EVERY aspect of your day. Your makeup should coordinate with your vision. I make sure that all of my clients receive a visual representation and you should make that something you look forward to as well. Not to mention it helps with the ease of the bridal trial.

Value-This is a tricky tip because every artist will have something different, but nonetheless it is important. If you are planning on investing in a top notch service than ask what other services he/she provides. This is the time to cut out on all the excess service providers. Maybe the artist can serve as a "lady in waiting" or has wedding accessories that can be used. I have a passion for skincare and view it as the cake and makeup as the icing. If requested, my clients can begin a regimen to ensure that their skin in optimal shape for the wedding. SO, make sure you inquire about his/her value.

Training-The investment for your artist can be substantial so make sure that they take their craft seriously. It is great to be self-taught, but do they know how to create a lasting look. Are they able to customize a look for your eye shape and your complexion? Even more important, do they know what products will work for your skin type? There is no harm in asking for their credentials. After all, this is a hiring process. Training with celebrity artists Sam Fine, Renny Vasquez, Sonia Rodriguez, and Debra Dietrich has been priceless to my career and I dare you to make sure that the artist you choose has taken his/her craft seriously.

Bridal Trial-This is time to get all the kinks worked out. Make sure that you are getting a full application including the lashes. This is not the time to play the "imagine this" game. Get the full look and take lots of pictures. As a bride, you cannot afford to miss this opportunity. This allows for an easy day on the day of the wedding.

Scheduling-Do you know how many weddings I have been apart of where the artist has run out of time to complete the guests? That leads to a very unpleasant day. I find it imperative that you as the bride have a stress free wedding and to enable that your artist must create a schedule that coordinates with the hair. That means that your artist should submit a schedule prior to the event for your review. NOTE: Make sure you are not the last client. You need to have time for touch-ups if need be.

I hope the above tips help you on your journey to find your perfect artist. There are various artists to choose from, but make sure that who you choose the one that fits you. The best advice I can give is don't cheat yourself out of the ultimate beauty experience. You have invested in your dress and the look should match. Would you buy a Mercedes and put on Ford rims? Nooooo.


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